Credit Facility For Civil Servants

We are thrilled to announce that you can now purchase Powershop products on credit through our new partnership with Ndasenda and ZB Bank (Kupa Micro Finance). This exciting opportunity makes it easier to get the products you need with a convenient

Step-by-Step Customer Onboarding Process
  1. Visit Us In-Store
    • Start by visiting your nearest Powershop branch.
  2. Product Introduction and Credit Facility Overview
    • Our salesman will show you the wide range of products we offer.
    • They will introduce you to our credit facility option for purchasing these products.
  3. Required Documents
    • Ensure you have the following documents ready:
      • A clear payslip with 3 months validity.
      • A clear copy of your National ID or Passport.
      • Proof of residence.
      • A valid email address.
  4. Account Creation
    • If you have all the necessary documents, our salesman will assist you in creating an account.
  5. Quotation and Loan Application Assistance
    • Once your account is created, the salesman will provide a quote for the products you wish to purchase.
    • They will guide you through the loan application process as per our onboarding steps.
Loan Application Process
  1. Receive Your Quote
    • Our salesman will quote you on the products you want to purchase via a loan.
  2. Loan Application Assistance
    • The salesman will help you complete the loan application and upload the provided quotation.
Checking Loan Status
  1. Customer Information Collection
    • The salesman will take your name and phone number to keep you updated on your loan application status.
  2. Loan Status Verification
    • The salesman will log into the Ndasenda Merchant platform to check the status of your loan using your name and EC number.
  3. Actions Based on Loan Status
    • Pending Approval: No action needed; the salesman will keep checking for updates.
    • Rejected: The salesman will contact the Ndasenda team to understand the reason for rejection and then inform you accordingly.
    • Approved: The salesman will contact you to let you know you can come to collect your products.
Customer Notification
  • After checking the loan status, the salesman will notify you based on the displayed status.
Disbursement Process

When your loan is approved and you come to collect your products, the salesman will require the following information:

  • Full Name Loan Applicant
  • Full Name of person collecting.
  • Loan Applicant ID Number.
  • Collector ID Number.
  • Name of the Salesman assisting you.
  • A One-Time Password (OTP) sent to your phone.

They will input the OTP, invoice the products, and then you can collect your items.

We are excited to offer you this new and convenient way to get the products you love at Powershop. Visit your nearest Powershop branch today to take advantage of our credit facility with Ndasenda!

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