Nexus 120a Inverter Welding Machine


  • Nexus 120A welding machine is very suitable for welding at any place because of its compact, light, manageable and powerful design. Inverter welders improve the appearance of the weld and at the same time maintain the welding quality or work.

  • In Zimbabwe Nexus Inverter welding machines are used by many small-scale welders and big firms due to high performance and availability of back up services

Key Features

  • Strong performance

  • Energy efficient

  • Portable and less weight

  • Affordable


Model MMA-140
TYPE Mosfet MMA Inverter Welding Machine
Input Voltage 220V±10%
Rated Input 4.1kva
Frequency 50-60Hz
Rated Output Voltage 20.8-24.8V
No-load Voltage 60V
Real Output Current 20-120A
Duty Cylce 25°: 60%


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