Nexus 155a Inverter Welding Machine


Like the 120A the Nexus 155A inverter was designed with portability when you enter workshops, roofs, and even traveling. The 155A is versatile and applicable in different types of welding situations.

Key Features

  • Excellent welding performance

  • Ease of use thanks to the INVERTER technology that supplies DC current.

  • Connectable to generators when working offsite without electricity

  • Digital display

  • Portable

  • A welding cable kit is included


Model MMA-200
TYPE Mosfet MMA Inverter Welding Machine
Input Voltage 220V±10%
Rated Input 4.9kva
Frequency 50-60Hz
Rated Output Voltage 20.8-26.2V
No-load Voltage 60V
Real Output Current 20-155A
Duty Cylce 25°: 60%


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